Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Like the American networks, the BBC has done several programs backing the official story of the JFK assassination, including this one:

It includes Dale Myers who maintains, of course, that Kennedy and Connally were hit by the same bullet, and therefore we can see Connally reacting between Z223 and Z224. He says the movement of Conally's collar shows the effect of his being shot.

Do you see how his right collar lies different in 224? According to Myers:

"Something happened between Z223 and Z224. We can really pinpoint the moment that the bullet struck. The jacket changes shape. It bulges out; it pops out." 

Hmmm. Didn't he state that backwards? To me, it looks like it was popped out and went back to lying flush. But regardless, would that be the only effect of a bullet coursing all the way through his torso? 

But, let's advance 10 frames ahead to the spot where not only Conally claimed he was first struck but also his surgeon, Dr. Robert Shaw said it. Notice that in Z-233, Connally is still grasping his hat with his right hand. Would he be doing that if he was struck in the chest on his right side? 

Connally definitely looks to be reacting to being shot in Z-236. That doesn't look like any kind of normal response. There is no reason to think that he was shot prior to that. 

Dale Myers goes on to talk about Kennedy's reaction to being shot, which obviously happened when the limo was behind the Stemmons freeway sign since he is already reacting as he emerges from behind the sign. 

 Yeah, we all know about his reaction, Dale, but have you ever thought about what is necessary in order to have that reaction? How about intact nerves? The nerves to the arms arise from the lower cervical intervertebral foramen forming the brachial plexus. But, if JFK had a bullet course through his neck from back to front, wouldn't it have blown through those nerves on one side? Here is a cross section of the path of the proposed bullet:

Even if it missed the spinal cord, I don't see how it could have avoided the spinal nerves on his right side. Shouldn't that have prevented his right arm muscles from working? Yes, it would have prevented his right arm muscles from working. 

Kennedy's own actions, his ability to raise both arms, tells us that he was NOT inflicted with so devastating a trauma by that point. This is not a man whose neck was turned into a donut, with a tunnel going from back to front, adjacent to the spinal cord.

And in the frames that follow, you can easily see that Kennedy was neuromuscularly and posturally intact, having suffered no such devastating injury. Do you understand that a channel all the way through your neck from back to front is life-threatening? That you wouldn't go on sitting there with all your muscles and postural reflexes working? This is Dr. Cinque telling you that John Kennedy was not hurt that bad. Here he is at Z-253. He doesn't have a hole through his neck. The whole neuromuscular integration of his body would have been lost. He'd have been a mixture of paralyzed muscles and muscles in clonic spasm. He isn't hurt that bad.

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