Friday, July 31, 2015

Backes, I know there was an assassination going on, and everyone knows there was an assassination going on. So, there was no need for me to point it out.

As far as what Mary Moorman thought when she heard the shots, I don't know. I know that many people's minds did not go to assassination. They thought it was firecrackers or motorcycles backfiring.  What Mary thought at first I don't know. Obviously, at some point she realized something was terribly wrong, but when that was, I don't know. At the moment she snapped her picture, did she know that Kennedy was under attack? I do not know. 

But, I do know that in the Altgens photo, not a single spectator is showing any sign of awareness of the tragedy, even though three shots have already been fired: the missed shot, the back shot, and the throat shot. It's all smiles and good cheer. But, a few seconds later it was very different. In this frame from Wiegman, they are all acting concerned that something terrible has happened. This was several seconds after the Altgens photo.  

Again; what Mary Moorman was aware of when she snapped her picture I don't know. But, I take her at her word that she heard two more explosions after she took her picture, and since the Moorman photo was taken after the final shot, the picture she took must have come earlier. 

Here is Saintly Oswald's video as it appears on another site, not youtube. Notice that it's got 140,000 views and 100 Likes.

I am surprised at those numbers because I would have thought the Ops would have swarmed to it to issue dislikes, as they are known to do. 100 people gave it a Like, Backes. So, this is not a Ralph Cinque thing. There are plenty of people besides me who think Babushka Lady took the Moorman photo. I am just one of many, and I was late to the party.

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