Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Did they really expect to get away with this? You can see that the baby just looks like a cardboard poster. It doesn't even look alive. You think it was asleep? But, if it's supposed to be the boy from Altgens, it can't be asleep because he was wide awake and looking out into the street, his back straight as an arrow. And look at the way she's waving. It's just a flick of her wrist. There is no movement at all below it. The rest of her looks as stiff as the baby. It's not how people wave. Waving involves movement at the wrist, at the elbow, and at the shoulder. Look at the other people waving. They're not doing it the way she is. 

She isn't doing it. She is a creation. They built her out of that double- trunk tree. Then they plopped the baby in next to her, as just a blob of orange and a larger blob of white. Again, look at how it looks without them there:

So, the two trunks of the tree correspond to her hair hanging down her shoulders. 

Then they added the orange and white blobs for the baby.

And Wahlah, you've got yourself a woman and baby. Now, do you notice that in the image, she appears to have a bald spot on top of her head? Why do you think that is? It's not a bald spot. It is her flicking left hand atop her head. That's how it came out in this still version. This was a still image taken from a frame that Robin Unger posted. And that's how it looked. I'm sure it was photoshopped like crazy. But, she is not bald; she does not have a halo; that is her left hand. So, what's the white thing coming across at the bottom that looks like her gloved left hand?

It's just Photoshop bull shit, that's all. It's certainly not in the film. 

They take these crops and go to work on them, adding more content, more data than was there. They add anything they want. They do anything they want. It's all a lie. It's all a big photographic lie. 

The Towner Woman and Baby are FAKE. And what it means is that the whole story of the JFK assassination is fake. 

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