Friday, July 31, 2015

Once again, Robin Unger has got it wrong. He hasn't picked the right frames in Muchmore and Nix to correspond to the Moorman photo. And once again, he is submitting a doctored, falsified image. 

Z-315 is correct; it corresponds to the Moorman photo. But, in it, Mary is in the exact same position she was in in Z-309 and before, which is looking straight ahead and not at the Kennedys.

But, Robin's other picks are wrong.  M-44 is close, but it occurs after the Moorman photo, and you can tell by the advancement of the motorcycles. The limo driver had braked, slowing the velocity of the limo, perhaps to zero, as many reported. The motorcycle cops had to react to that, but their braking came after his braking, and in the interim, they gained on the limo. 
On the right, you see the hump of the spare tire case at the back of the limo. The second motorcycle cop is surely up with the left rear wheel, but he's farther back and out of sight in the Moorman photo. Here is the correct frame from Moorman, and it came before.

But, the worst thing is Unger's treatment of Nix. This is where the outright fraud enters the picture. Nix25 is WAY too late to correspond to Moorman. And it's easy as pie to tell because by Nix25, Clint Hill is on the move. He's in the scene. And he would have been captured in the Moorman photo if that was when it was taken. 

You can't see him in Unger's Nix25 because Unger- or somebody- took him out. Look: Notice how in the top one, which says N25 at the lower right in yellow, which is Unger's frame, Clint Hill is blended in with the third motorcycle cop, and you don't see him at all. You see where Mary is, and notice that her arms are not raised to take a photo. But surely if she did take a photo at that moment, Clint Hill would have been captured in it. In the lower frame, you can see him much better, where I have him circled.  

Let's hone in:

How many people, who were unprompted and unsavvy to JFK stuff, would have picked out Clint Hill in Robin Unger's frame? I am going to say 0 because I don't think that even 1 in 100 would. 

The Moorman photo was taken 1/9 of a second after the fatal head shot- the difference between Z-313 and Z-315. Do you think that Clint Hill reacted that fast to be on the ground and mingled with the motorcycle cops 1/9 second after the fatal head shot? You know he wasn't. 

Nix25 came WAY after the Moorman photo. It's not even close. And, Clint Hill would be IN the Moorman photo if that was when it was taken. 

Robin, you really should give up because you don't have the skill for this; you don't have the brains for it; and you don't have the honesty for it either. 

But, think about what it means. By presenting Nix25 as the time of the Moorman photo, Robin and his handlers were admitting that the motorcycle cops had to be ahead of Mary in order for her to have taken the photo. And that much is true.

Hargis looms so large in the picture compared to the Kennedys that the photographer had to be MUCH closer to him. And the only way for that to be true is if the distance was additive. In other words, you could not have had separate lines going from the photographer to Hargis and to the Kennedys at different angles. You could never have gotten enough size disproportion that way. The only way to get the size disproportion that we see above is to have essentially ONE LINE, a line that went from the photographer to Hargis and then continued on to the Kennedys. Unger and his handlers realized that, and that's why they tried to push the Moorman photo back to Nix25. But, it's too late because Clint Hill was on the ground by then, and he surely would have been in the picture.    

Mary Moorman did NOT take the Moorman photo. The fact that they are pulling tricks like this only demonstrates how desperate they are to hide it. 

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