Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How is the mother holding the baby? If you think that is her left arm coming across at the bottom to support the baby, you are mistaken. That's because her left arm is busy waving at the President the whole time. Look:

You see that stupid flicking hand? Where she and the baby look like cardboard stiffs except for that stupid repetitive flicking? It's a trick! But, the point is that she can't be holding the baby with her left arm since she's waving with it.

So, her left arm is not holding the baby, and if her right arm was going around the baby, we'd see it. The black long sleeve of her dress would stand out against the white coat of the baby. So, she's not holding the baby with her left arm, and she's not holding it with her right arm. She is not holding the baby at all. That baby is levitating. It is all bull shit. It's just a phony image of a mother and baby that was inserted into the Towner film.

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