Thursday, July 30, 2015

I have come upon these very clear frames of Wiegman Doorman1 and Wiegman Doorman2. There are 3 to 4 seconds separating them in the film. 

Notice that in the doorway, Carl Jones looks about the same, and so does Popeye. They're looking down Elm Street. Why shouldn't they? The action is down Elm Street. The concern is for what is going on down Elm Street. That is where the President is. So, why would Doorman, who was turned and looking that way just like the others, suddenly snap to attention and face straight ahead and go into some kind of "Ohm" trance, where he is meditating and searching for the third eye? The whole behavior is wrong. It is divorced from the situation. Here the two of them are in a gif; two different men.

The one who appears taller is real; the other one is not. And why should there be a height difference? You don't see a change in Carl Jones? Are we supposed to believe that Doorman stepped down a step? 

And look at the whole image because there is more to the right of the implanted Doorman.

Why is that such a mess to the right of Doorman as we view the picture? How did he come out clear but when there is so much distortion right next to him? You can't blame it on anything that Wiegman or the camera were doing because that would have affected the whole image. There would have been distortion everywhere. So, why only in that corner? What shall we blame it on? Go ahead; give it your best shot. But, I'll warn you: there is no innocent explanation. 

The first Wiegman Doorman was Oswald, and he left for the lunch room. By the time of the other frame, he was gone, and his spot was empty. And that's why they put that phony other Doorman in there. He was not Oswald; he was not Lovelady; and he was not there. 

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