Wednesday, February 19, 2020

In one of her columns about the Ruby trial, Dorothy Kilgallen wrote that, once the trial began, that Ruby was just another head in the crowd, "a bald head shadowed by a few penstrokes of hair." 

Now,  I think we can believe her, don't you? That that was the state of Ruby's hair? And therefore it proves that the U.S. Media, in all its collusion with the U.S. Government to hide the truth about the JFK assassination and the Oswald assassination, painted hair on Jack Ruby. 

The question is not whether they did it, but why they did it. And the reason why they did it is because the Garage Shooter seems to have so much hair. He's wearing a hat, but the hair we see looks as thick as a rug. 
And it was a rug! That is FBI Agent James Bookhout, who had an FBI haircut, which was razor short, and he is wearing a toupee'. Looking at him, you certainly don't expect him to be bald on top. And that's why they sought to depict Ruby with hair even though he was practically bald on top. This is him at the Midnight Press Conference. Be  aware that there is a man behind him who was slightly taller whose hair is sticking up. But, that isn't Ruby's hair. Ruby was bald- a dome head- except for a few thin strands on top. 
Jack Ruby was innocent. Completely, totally innocent. He did not shoot Oswald. He was not in the garage at the time of the shooting. He did not have anything to do with it. He knew nothing about the shooting of JFK nor the shooting of Oswald. He was a hapless, hopeless, helpless man who was framed for killing Oswald by the Dallas Police, who were Oswald's real killers. If you think that's extreme, get over it, because it is the truth.   

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