Saturday, February 29, 2020

They finally released the terms of the peace deal, and it's just what I thought.  

All U.S. troops to leave Afghanistan in 14 months if Taliban meets commitments of peace deal signed today

So, apparently, they spent a year and a half thinking they could convince the Taliban to accept some U.S. troops in that country. I'm glad they finally got it that they all have to leave. 

But now, the question is: how long will it take them to realize that Ghani has to step down? The Taliban will NEVER accept him as President. He is the face of puppetry to them. Maybe there is someone who is acceptable to both them and us to lead the country, but it definitely isn't Ghani. 

We're not going to let this deal fall apart by insisting on keeping Ghani in power, are we? Tell me we're not going to do that.  

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