Saturday, February 1, 2020

  • Jim Pietruch Daniels was a pitcher in the Dodgers minor league system for a year.

    • Ralph Cinque Jim Pietruch That is an amazing fact. Thanks for pointing it out. Still, I tell you, he just threw Ray Vaughan under the bus.

  • Jim Pietruch Napoleon Daniels passed away on December 3rd. 2002. No cause of death given.

    • Ralph Cinque Look, why would a guy, who was no longer a police officer, and hadn't been for 7 years, be so curious about why an officer was guarding a ramp that he would actually stop and park and go talk to him? Curiosity is one thing, but to actually change your plans and deviate from what you're doing to that extent isn't plausible to me. He would have thought about it a second or two and then dropped it and moved on. There is nothing credible about ND's whole story.
    • Jim Pietruch Ralph Cinque Well stated Ralph !! People look at a picture but don't notice the little details that make the picture. Your information is interesting.

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