Thursday, February 27, 2020

Phil Jermakian Watch the Oswald assassination. Plays like kids playing cops and robbers.
  • Ralph Cinque I agree, Phil. There is nothing real about it. And here are two facts that should really impact you: 1. The cops don't handcuff him on the spot. They take him inside first. Cops don't do that. They have never done that, except in this instance. The first thing they do with a violent offender is get him cuffed. 2. How did all the cops know that they were dragging him inside through that narrow corner door? There were large double doors right behind them that they could have used, going to the same place. How did they all intuitively know what to do? There was no boss. There was no one shouting orders. They all just did it like they were all told ahead of time what to do. They were! 

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