Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Larry Rivera pointed out the smudging of the facial features in Z240, but it continues after that.

So, that's Z-240 with the jabbing elevation of the left elbow, like it was a weapon, and here is Z-246 in which you see the distortion of his right hand over his face. 

So, it's likely that there is more photographic manipulation there. What JFK is doing there is inexplicable in relation to any voluntary action. 

After that, with two hands, Jackie tries to coax his arm down but with limited success. Do you understand that it is just plain weird for him to be holding himself like that? 

In 257, you see the very weird jack-knifing of his left hand. It reminds me of someone with rheumatoid arthritis. 

JFK had no damage to his spinal cord, and any damage to the peripheral nerves would have caused flaccidity, not spasm. Then, the hunching sets in with the contraction of his posterior cervical muscles and his trapezius, which is supplied by the 11th cranial nerve. 

And that is just about his final frozen state until the fatal head shot puts him out of his misery.  By 278, he is hunched even more. 

Look at him. He's like cement. He is the stiffest guy you have ever seen. And that is it. He stays all hunched like that until 313 which finishes him. 

You can't attribute this to any of the trauma he has received. This is patho-neurology and dyskinesia. And there is nothing but a toxin that could have caused it. 

JFK was certainly hit with a nerve agent. NOTHING ELSE can explain his bizarre physical and mental behavior and the shallowness of the back shot. A bullet reaching him over the distance it had to travel, would surely have had enough energy to tunnel deeper into his back than one inch. However, a frozen dart, and you should think of it like an icicle that was designed to burst as it impacted him, could travel a mere inch inside him because when the ice burst, it dissipated the energy of the projectile. That's where the energy went- into the bursting. Plus, if the ice bullet burst, there was no bullet left to keep tunneling. Once it burst, the little pieces would have melted to liquid very quickly. It was designed to work that way and to feel like nothing more than a mosquito bite. And it was described that way at the Church Committee in 1975. Why the members of the Committee didn't ask themselves whether it was used on JFK in 1963, I do not know. But, I do know that it WAS used on JFK in 1963.  

If you refuse to accept this, you are left with a bullet- a real solid bullet- hitting him at velocity, which was about 2000 feet per second, and going to zero velocity over the course of one inch. Do you realize how rapid that deceleration is? For all practical purposes, it is equivalent to an abrupt stop, like a car hitting a wall. And such a stop would have been theoretically caused by JFK's soft tissues acting on the bullet. Well, if they could act on the bullet enough to stop it in an inch, they wouldn't just stop it. They would deform it- just like the wall does to the car. They would squash it. It would been splat! We have got to stop thinking that a bullet could enter his back and be stopped in an inch and look as neat and clean as JFK's back does.   

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