Wednesday, February 26, 2020

This is an interesting article on the tragic killing of Suleimani (and I say "tragic" because so many others died as a direct result of it). It was written by a top Iranian journalist, Ramin Mazaheri, but what makes it significant is where it was published: Op Ed News, which is one of the most widely read political commentary websites in the world. Technocrati lists it among the top 100 websites.
In the article Mazaheri makes several important points, including a very interesting one concerning the evolution of the body politic in America. He compares the Vietnam War to the Iraq War, saying that both were based on lies; both involved neo-imperialism; both involved atrocities and attacks on civilians, etc. But, the difference is that the American people have responded to the Iraq War (and he could have included the Afghanistan War as well) very differently than they responded to Vietnam. He makes the point that the Vietnam War was the first time Americans became broadly aware that their government lied to them about a war. (Actually, the U.S. government has been lying about its wars going back at least as far as the Mexican-American War in the 1840s.) Americans are just as aware that their government lied to them about Iraq, but for some reason, they just don't care. Is it because of economics?
Mazaheri asks that, noting that more Americans are living on the edge today financially, than ever before, including a lot of people who were formerly middle class. Is it because of fear? He asks that too. "In an era when every American is tracked - from credit scores, to the location of their cell phone, to what they wrote on the internet 15 years ago - and people can be droned at will, the average American has no choice to but to pretend that they are going along with it all." This, he says, has led to a "neo-fascist" state (and I have made that comparison too) where the telling of lies and the accepting of lies has become so ingrained in the culture that everybody is leading a "false life." It registered with me as well, just how different Americans are. Few Americans seem to care about the crimes of their government. If you point out that millions of people have been killed in U.S. wars since 9/11, unnecessary wars that were founded on lies, they shrug. It really is an amazing degree of callousness and inhumanity that has taken hold, but it has become, not just common, but standard, in 21st century America. Here is the article:

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