Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What mother puts pictures of her battered son on the wall? Why a picture of him with a swollen eye? Why not pictures of him from happy times? Why would she have wanted to be reminded of this nightmare day-in and day-out? What mother does that?

The picture on our right isn't even a photograph. It's a sketch done by an artist from TIME magazine. It was intended to make him look disturbed and deranged, like he could kill somebody. 

Wait a second. Where did she even get that? As far as I know, it only existed as a TIME magazine cover. So, it should have the lettering, right?

If the TIME artist worked off a photograph that was taken at the Dallas PD, I have never seen the photo.  Have you? I don't think there was a photo like that, although I'll admit that I'm wrong if someone provides it. But, even if there was such a photo, it would have been published in a newspaper or a magazine, and that's the only way Marguerite Oswald could access it. But wait, no newspaper or magazine would publish a photo of him that large. How could they do so? And who would rip a photo out of a newspaper or magazine to frame and hang on the wall? I want to know where Marguerite Oswald got that image. It's sick and twisted that she would want to hang such a disturbing image of him on the wall, but I want to know how she even got it. We don't have it, so how did she get it? 

Since all she had as a source of images of Oswald from the day of the assassination, were newspapers and magazines, where did she get the middle photo as well? The one on the left was from the Marines so presumably, Oswald could have sent it to her as a photo. But, the others didn't exist as photos, but only as clippings. So, where did she get them? 

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