Tuesday, September 10, 2019

A supporter sent me this video of Paul Bentley talking about the arrest of Oswald in the theater. He said that Oswald's wallet contained a driver's license and credit cards, which it did not. He said he got Oswald's address from his library card. Well, if he had found a driver's license, wouldn't he have gone with that address? Why use a library card over a driver's license? 


But, at the end of the tape, they show some footage of a hallway on the 3rd floor, where Marina and Marguerite were being led through a door. And they said it was the elevator door that went up to the 5th floor. 

Well, it's the same door that Oswald was led through after his final interrogation on Sunday morning. The official story has it that he was taken directly downstairs after that, at 11:15. But, it's not true. He was taken back upstairs to the 5th floor jail. And that is true because he had to change into the clothes he wore for the Garage Spectacle. 

So, this is Oswald on Sunday morning.

The point is that the official story that Oswald underwent a nearly 2 hour interview on Sunday morning is bull. I don't know exactly what time this was, but it had to be MUCH earlier than 11:15. The hall is packed with reporters, and if it was 11:15 many of them or most of them would have been down in the garage. And look who is escorting him! Detective Boyd! He lied and said that he didn't work on Sunday, that he was enjoying brunch with his wife and her parents, and the tv was on, and they saw what happened. So, thinking that he might be needed, he excused himself and hurried in. But, it was all a lie. He was already there. He was there the whole time. Here is escorting Oswald before the shooting, and after the shooting, he and his usual partners, Sims and Hall, were the ones who scurried Bookhout away once he was brought nto the jail office. This photo of the four of them was captured qccidentally.

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