Monday, September 2, 2019

Catherine Payton Excellent find πŸ˜Ž. Why would he admit to this ? (I’m a newbie to this group )
  • Ralph Cinque Catherine, Ruby didn't so much admit to it, rather, he just accepted that he did it because they told him that he did. In his very last public statement made about 10 days before he died (and I assume he was killed) he said that he couldn't remember anything between the time he reached the bottom of the ramp and the time the police started pouncing on him. IT'S BECAUSE NOTHING HAPPENED IN-BETWEEN! It went from one to the other. And how could he forget that he did it? He remembered that the cop he saw driving the squad car was Sam Pierce. If he could remember that, don't you think he could remember shooting Oswald? He had no memory of it because he didn't do it. I'm telling you: I am certain.

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