Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Why would anyone believe that J. Edgar Hoover would respond to an imminent threat against the President, that was days away, by saying to start investigating all the hate and racial groups throughout the country? It is insane.

And even if you think that Hoover would have done it just to let Kennedy dangle because he wanted him dead, why would Hoover put in writing such an inept response?  

Obviously, the proper response was to find the informant to obtain specific information about what he knows, then contact the White House and the Secret Service and confer with them about what to do, including cancel the trip if the threat is deemed the least bit credible. But, the response in that telex is just ludicrous. 

What an awful shame that Oliver Stone included it in the movie JFK. All I can surmise is that it was a movie, and from the standpoint of the movie, its entertainment value, it sounded great. Why not have a protagonist who was victimized but who was secretly working under-cover to undermine the criminal plot? It's gold. 

But, this wasn't a regular movie, and Stone didn't have the liberty of doing that. He didn't have the right to do it, unless he was going to say the whole thing was fiction. 

And since he corrected all the atrocious spelling errors, Stone had to know that the "telex" was composed and constructed by William Walter, the former late night clerk at the FBI office in New Orleans, that he wrote it from memory, after 5 years, and that nothing else and no one else existed to confirm it. How far do you go with a thing like that? How much do you bank on it? You certainly don't put it in a movie.

And, you certainly shouldn't look at a thing like that in isolation. You have to look at the big picture. And when you look at the big picture, you realize that there is not a lick of evidence that Oswald was an intelligence agent in the JFK assassination. To whatever extent he was an intelligence agent, it did not involve the JFK assassination. They left him out of that one. In that one, he was just the patsy.    

And I have to think that LNs love it when they hear CTs saying the Oswald was hobnobbing with Carlos Marcello and other gangsters. He gets back from the Soviet Union in June 1962 and before you know it, he's hobnobbing with gangsters and running guns, and trying to kill Castro, and then he's involved in the plot to kill Kennedy, but he's secretly an under-cover agent trying to save him. Stop it! It's nonsense. It's noise. It's fiction.

Oswald was to the Dallas plot what Thomas Arthur Vallee was to the Chicago plot: just a hapless patsy who was told nothing. Absolutely nothing. 

Don't go Hollywood with the story. It's bad enough what Oliver Stone did, but what people are doing today is much worse. And such fantasies help the other side.      

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