Tuesday, November 25, 2014

This rendition of the arrow was done by bpete, and he had the nerve to call it a dot.

There's a breach there, but so what? It sure looks like an arrow. And it's the only thing that looks like an arrow besides the arrow that Frazier drew.

And concerning Frazier's arrow, you can only go by what the unaltered image shows- the actual photo.

That lightened version which you have put up 1000 times isn't how the photo looks. Does anybody think that if they went to the National Archives it would look like that? Above is how it looks. And to think that Lovelady would have obscured his arrow into Frazier's is insane. Why should he have? He would been giving Joseph Ball exactly what he wanted. Ball would have been jumping for joy. And his response would have been: 

"What are you doing it like that for? Draw yours separately and draw it big. Come on. I want to see two arrows there."

Look, punk: You can put that distorted one up 10,000 more times, and it won't matter. It has no relevance. And so far, not even your friends have supported you on this, never mind any bonafide or even non bonafide researchers. And you can tell your friends that it's too late now; if they wanted to do it, they should have done it when you first claimed it. 

But, you did good in your latest effort, and I shall make use of it. 

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