Sunday, November 23, 2014

I just received this from Bob Mady, and I think it is excellent. 

"If you view the 'midnight press conference', watch when OSWALD is told that he has been charged with the murder of the President and observe his reaction. I believe it says it all, OSWALD was exactly what he claimed to be: a 'patsy'."

"For what it is worth, OSWALD was involved with the intelligence community, for sure, but in the case of the conspiracy to assassinate the President, he knew nothing. OSWALD was the fall guy, the 'patsy'. Continuing to depict OSWALD as a participant in the operation is counter-productive, and it is destructive to our understanding of the case.  He was the decoy, the distraction, the shiny object that was showcased afterwards. He was put in the spotlight for public consumption; that's all. And, he has stayed there for 51 years. Sadly, some people continue to chase the wrong horse. Wise up!  The assassination had nothing to do with OSWALD.  After 51 years, one might think you could figure that out by now.

Bob Mady 

Of course, Bob wasn't talking to me. But look: just because there are claims and rumors that Oswald did this, and Oswald did that, that he was involved here, that he was involved there- you need to apply healthy skepticism to it. You don't go around believing Loy Factor and Rod MacKenzie and Carlos Marcello just because they claimed to have done stuff with Oswald. That is just being gullible and stupid. THERE ARE NUMEROUS FALSE OSWALD SIGHTINGS THROUGHOUT JFK ASSASSINATION LORE. There are too many to count. 

If you are going to start believing that stuff, you might as well go all the way and start believing that the driver shot Kennedy or that Jackie did. I kid you not; there is a guy online who says that Jackie shot her husband- a payback for all the affairs.

The idea that Oswald was an under-cover agent in the assassination plot is just an obsession, a fixation that some people have. And they need to get over it. He was just the patsy. That's all. Nothing else. He wasn't Ethan Hunt. He wasn't James Bond. The whole line of thinking that Oswald was an under-cover agent in the JFK assassination is totally wrong. It is based on nothing but rumors, imagination and lies. 

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