Monday, November 24, 2014

You can see in the picture above that I identified each of their arrows, but why didn't they? Even when it was just Frazier, I should think he would have at least initialed it. Drawing an arrow is like making a statement. When you come upon a statement, you want to know who made it, right? 

And, why did Lovelady draw his arrow so small? It's because he knew very well that Ball didn't want him to draw it large. He wasn't giving Ball what he wanted, and he knew it. 

You give a person a photo to draw an arrow on with an arrow already on it to show him where to draw it? Talk about leading the witness. 

So, Lovelady knew what was expected of him, and frankly, he was being defiant. But, by drawing his arrow very small, he was trying to be defiant in a gentle way. It was just big enough for Ball to get the message, which was: 

"Look, I don't want to make trouble for you guys, but please leave me out of this. I'm not up for it. I wasn't Doorman, and I am not comfortable saying that I was. I'm not going to make waves for you, but please, just leave me out of it."

Here is what Lovelady said at the end:

Mr. BALL - Mr. Lovelady, your testimony will be written up and it can be submitted to you for your signature if you wish and you can make any changes, or you can waive signature and we will make this your final--- 
Mr. LOVELADY - I want this to be the final one. 

I bet you did, Billy. But, it was just the beginning for him. 

And somehow, for 49 years, the entire JFK community looked at CE 369, knew it was supposed to have two arrows, but only one was ever seen and recognized (and often attributed to Lovelady), yet nobody brought up the fact that there had to be two arrows.  

And if I am wrong about that -if somebody did bring it up before I did- then believe me, I will be delighted. 

I understand completely why LNs didn't bring up the missing arrow, but why didn't CTs? And I mean those who champion Oswald's innocence. 

I have to think that the discovery of Lovelady's arrow is the most important discovery in the case since the discovery of the Fritz Notes in the late 90s. And I am not saying that to pat myself on the back. I am saying it to highlight the importance that it has. 

And anyone who wants to resist this has only one recourse: to find Lovelady's arrow elsewhere. And no, claiming that Frazier's and Lovelady's arrows are heaped together is not remotely plausible; it is just an extreme and outlandish claim that reveals nothing but desperation. And, it is a frank admission that there is no other arrow in the black space around Doorman. There is no question that Lovelady's arrow is the one pointing to Black Hole Man. 



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