Tuesday, November 25, 2014

If Lovelady drew an arrow to Doorman to indicate himself, think about how valuable it was to Joseph Ball. Wouldn't it be 10X as valuable as Frazier's arrow? Maybe 20X? Who could possibly know better than Lovelady who he was in the picture?

So why if Ball got an arrow pointing to Doorman from Lovelady would he let it be obscure? Why would he let it be buried in Frazier's arrow to where they looked like one? Why would he let it be obscured anywhere? 

An arrow pointing to Doorman by Lovelady was an ace. If you have an ace, you play it, right? At least, here there would have been no reason not to play it.

So, if Lovelady knew that he was giving Ball what he wanted, he would not have drawn the arrow obscurely, and if Ball had gotten what he wanted, he would not have let it be obscure. He'd have un-obscured it. 


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