Sunday, November 23, 2014

There are two reasons why this has to be Lovelady's arrow, and they are equally compelling. In a word: it is because of what's there and what isn't there. 

What's there, of course, is the arrow: the tail of it on the forearm of Black Hole Man, and the head of it in the black space. But, what's not there, anywhere in the image, is: ANY OTHER ARROW. 

Of course, there is Frazier's arrow, but that's his. Both Frazier and Lovelady drew an arrow. And bpunk's notion that Lovelady heaped his on top of Frazier's is ludicrous. No honest observer would seek to deliberately confuse the issue by mingling the arrows. Clarity requires that each arrow be distinct and distinguishable. Who knows that? Everybody knows that. That is, everybody except bpunk.

But, in truth, bpunk doesn't really believe it either. He only claims it in response to me, and it's because he's a no-good punk. It's not as though he's ever approached Vincent Bugliosi or Max Holland or anyone else with the idea that he's made a notable discovery. And in 51 years, nobody else has ever made the same claim. 

What has happened quite a lot over half a century is that people have attributed Frazier's arrow to Lovelady. But, I think it's fair to say that I put a stop to that. Even David Von Pein, who used to claim it, no longer does. He quite formally retracted it.

So, with Frazier's arrow clearly recognized and identified for what it is, that leaves Lovelady's arrow.  And the fact is that the arrow I found pointing to Black Hole Man is the only candidate. There is nothing else. It is not as though there is something else but it isn't nearly as good. There is nothing else, period. There isn't anything else remotely or wildly or far-fetchedly or anything else. If you scour the whole scene, as I have done many times under bright light and magnification,  you will see that there is nothing else that could, under any stretch of the imagination, be considered Lovelady's arrow. 

Why do you think bpunk resorts to the heaping argument? It's because he knows that there is nothing else there. 

And that's why this discovery is so compelling and so certain. There is nothing else even competing with it. That is Lovelady's arrow, and if not, it means that Lovelady didn't draw one.  

And that means that Lovelady was telling us that he was Black Hole Man, and in the same breath and without saying another word, he was also telling us that Oswald was Doorman. He might as well have said it, and I'm sure he knew it. And it must have been a very tortured life he lived after that. 

This is so big that, in principle, it would make sense to contact the Attorney General of the United States with this evidence. However, I don't think there would be any point in doing it because I know very well that the government of the United States does not want to know or hear the truth about the JFK assassination. The US government wants to perpetuate the official story of the lone gunman because it would be devastating to the reputation and public image of the US government if the truth about the JFK assassination became widely known. 

So, they are fighting it tooth and nail, as I know they are, and I am fighting back, and that's how it is. There is no point in being naive about it.

Nevertheless, the discovery of Lovelady's arrow is a very big find, and it's worth celebrating. And the good news is that it's never going away. In fact, I am going to add it to the OIC website. 



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