Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Another important point is that most ballistic analysts agree that NONE of the shots came from the Sniper's Nest or the 6th floor. In fact, I don't know of any ballistic analysts except those who are LNs and HSCA CTs (whom I call LNs with a twist) who say that shots came from there. 

So, if that's true, how could Loy Factor's story be true that both Malcolm Wallace and LHO fired from the 6th floor? 

Of course, Richard Hooke presumes that Factor lied about Oswald having shot. Richard thinks that Factor lied because he didn't want to admit that he is the one who fired at Kennedy. 

But, you really can't do that. You can't revise the man's story and say he told the truth about this and lied about that. Either you accept what he said or you don't. In this case, the baby has to go out with the bath water. 

So, for me, the Loy Factor story does NOT reach the threshold of credibility. But, for those who still cling to it, how do you account for the fact that Factor claims two shots were fired from the 6th floor when the ballistics does not support it?  


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