Friday, August 21, 2015

I am what you call uni-polar, and I polarize on my own claims. I make 7 claims of doorway alterations in the Altgens doorway, and they do not involve removing anyone.  Here is the page from the OIC website which lays it all out:

If Larry Rivera wants to write a piece explaining his claims, I will gladly publish it- anytime- but I am not going to debate his claims with you. 

But, in regard to YOUR claim that they could have removed Jack Ruby from the Altgens photo, I say you are full of shit. 

If there was a figure who was standing against a black background, perhaps they could have gotten rid of him by just making it all black. That does seem within the realm of possibility- even for that time. But, in this case, Jack Ruby was standing against a white background, and I can't think of any way they could have removed him in 1963 without leaving some wreckage there. 

So, you needn't worry about Larry's claims. Worry about your own. They could NOT have removed Jack Ruby in 1963 without leaving a scar in the photo. You hear me, Hondo? Because that's what I am telling you.  

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