Friday, August 21, 2015

No, Hondo the Wanderer. I make claims of 7 alterations in the doorway, and none of them involve Buell Frazier. And none of them involve taking someone out who was there.

Imagine that the Woman and Elevated Boy weren't there. And you just had the back of Jack Ruby facing you. How could they take him out? What would they have been left with if they did? How would it have looked? It was 1963. They didn't have Photoshop. They didn't have anything digital. Just because you can do something today in 2015 doesn't mean that they could do it in 1963. So, how would they have taken him out? And if they tried to do that, why assume it would look better than what they did? I have to think it would look worse. And it's not that this looks good. It doesn't. I am not the only one who has pointed out that all is not well with that Woman and Boy. They are not legit, and neither are you.  

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