Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bpete is trying to vindicate the image of Oswald at the height chart with this mug shot of Randy Travis. He points out that his front hairline is 3 inches shorter than his crown. But, look at his hair! Hair sticks up. It has height to it. And here, Randy is nodding his head some, which is lowering his hairline in front. But, Oswald had a Marine crew cut, so his hair didn't have any height. It looks like it was slightly combable in front but totally shorn in back. 

So, you can't compare those two pictures. If you don't have high hair and if you don't nod your head forward, you are not going to get that three inch spread. 

And you say no one cares?

There's 19 who cared enough to give it a Like.

It's a fake image, and you don't care because endorsing fake images is what do; it's what you're paid to do. But once again, and as always, you lose. 

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