Monday, August 31, 2015

Since we have such a clear view of Martin's supposed right arm, I decided to fill in the rest of him, to extend his arm back. This is how it would look if the camera field was wider. 

Isn't that an awfully long way to go? Isn't that span from the windshield to the rider ridiculous? But, how could it be less? His arm was straight, and it had a certain length. We're seeing only a part of it, no more than half of it, in the Moorman photo. So, you've got to give him the rest of his arm. And then you have to give him his head and torso. And this is what you get. It's way too far. It goes on for way too long.  It's way out of proportion. And it's more evidence that what we see of BJ Martin and his motorcycle in the Moorman photo is completely bogus.  

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