Saturday, August 22, 2015

So, this film was taken on November 22, 1963, but for some reason nobody noticed Lovelady until 1979.

Remember, there was a big fuss about the identity of Doorman following the assassination. Professional photographers swarmed on Dallas trying to capture an image of Lovelady. The Dallas Police and FBI did all they could to keep them at bay. Then, during the Warren Commission investigation, witnesses were interrogated about the identity of Doorman. But, nobody had noticed that Lovelady was filmed on November 22? Even though it was reportedly televised on November 22? It wasn't noticed until 1979? Then how was it noticed in 1979? Was it in conjunction with the HSCA? Then why wasn't it mentioned in the HSCA Final Report? There was no mention of Lovelady at the Dallas PD, so why not?

  And why did Lovelady tell Joseph Ball in 1964 that he didn't see Oswald again that day after they broke for lunch? What, did he forget about that encounter in the squad room even though it involved a media circus in which he was in the center? 

Now think about what it means that they faked Lovelady in the DPD footage. If they faked that image (and they did) it has to mean that they were lying about who was in the doorway. That's because they would not have had any reason or inclination to fake it unless they were lying about who was in the doorway. They had to be lying about that. This fake image is a smoking gun that they were lying about the other, about Oswald. 

The absolute biggest hole, the biggest hemorrhage in the official story of the JFK assassination is Oswald in the doorway. If they didn't know that in the beginning, I assure you that they know it now. There is nothing that threatens the survival of the official story of the JFK assassination as does Oswald in the doorway. It is like the Cross to Dracula. 

 And it is not going away. I have already paid for the continuation of the OIC website for the next 10 years. I'd have paid for longer if they let me. And I am seeking a way to accomplish that. 

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