Monday, December 31, 2018

A few days ago, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was on the Alec Baldwin Show, and he said that he does not believe that Sirhan Sirhan shot his father, and he thinks he knows who did, and he wants the case reopened. 
I do not understand RFK Jr. He has been treading on the edge of assassination truth for years and probably decades. He'll make comments like this- about his father's murder or his uncle's- and then he does nothing. He goes silent. Months or years may pass before he says another word about it. 

If you really believe what you said, Robert, then why aren't you at the forefront of the JFK and RFK truther movement? Why isn't it a dogged, relentless, and uninterrupted obsession for you? Why aren't you eat, drink, sleeping it 24 hours a day? We're talking about the murder of your father and your uncle. 

I am reminded of the movie Princess Bride, in which there was a Spaniard, Inigo Montoya, whose life ambition was to revenge the murder of his father. He was constantly looking for the man who did it, and he was all prepared for what he would say to him: "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

I'm not saying that RFK Jr. should go all Charles Bronson vigilante. Besides, who's left?  But, he has got a lot of money, which means that he can easily devote as much time to this as he wants to. And frankly, I think that for him to surface twice a year or less to make a terse statement about assassination truth and then crawl back under his shell, that it does more harm than good. I regard it as mocking the assassination truth movement.  And that's because he is flesh and blood with these guys, JFK and RFK. And if he's not willing to dive into the truth movement, assertively and aggressively, and lead it, then he is just paying lip service is all he's doing. 

And in general, the Kennedys have sold out. Not for money, of course, but rather, for social respectability. Look at the JFK Library giving a Profiles in Courage award to George HW Bush, whom many people, including me, think was involved, not just in the plot to kill JFK, but in the operation of doing it. He was really just one step away from being a shooter. And I mean that both figuratively and literally because many researchers, including John Hankey, believe that Bush's role was to supervise the Dal-Tex shooters. 

I have been to the LBJ Library in Austin many times because it's a place you take visitors when they come to Austin. And of course, they have an exhibit there about the JFK assassination that includes images, video, and audio, and all of it espousing and asserting the official story. 

That's sickening enough, knowing LBJ's role in the murder as explained by numerous authors, most recently Roger Stone- again.  But, my fear is that they have something much like it at the JFK Library, and that I could not stand. I would have to run away from it.  I just couldn't take it. 

My message to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is: this is an either/or situation. If you are going to get into the assassination truth movement, you've got into it- completely. Because otherwise: you are going to trivialize it. If those two men, your father and your uncle, were worth loving, then they are worth fighting for- with everything you've got. 

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