Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Bill Benton Moving along...I'd like to provide a solid round of applause for Ralph...because of his mention of the "9-11" false flag attack (planned and executed by the Intelligence Community), intended to be a pretext for these terrible wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (and a return to a "wartime economy"). Nowadays, there seem to be VERY FEW commentators who will acknowledge this reality...and during a story will blithely refer to the terrible Saudi terrorists who attacked our nation on 9-11!! Are these people "gatekeepers" or simply brain-dead numbskulls?
Ralph Cinque Thanks, Bill. I have decided that I am going to speak frankly about 9/11 truth to anyone and everyone- in any circle. I say: stop the nonsense. This is like the Emperor who wore no clothes, and no one would admit it. Anyone with even half a brain knows that for those towers to have fallen the way they did, there had to be a planned, explosive demolition.

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