Friday, December 7, 2018

Joe Molina's home was raided the night of the assassination. They suspected him of being an accomplice of Oswald. It is ridiculous. Even Oswald wasn't an accomplice of Oswald, so how could Joe Molina be? Joe Molina and Lee Oswald never met. They never exchanged words. Joe Molina said so. And just think: If they really suspected Molina of collaborating with Oswald in the murder of JFK, wouldn't they have asked Oswald about him? But, they never talked to Oswald and asked him about Joe Molina. Doesn't that tell
you that they knew it was bogus? 

Was there any evidence of collusion between Oswald and Molina? Absolutely not. They claimed to base their suspicions on Molina's involvement with the G.I. Forum, which was a civil rights group for Hispanic veterans. They claimed it was rife with Communists. But, Joe Molina wasn't a Communist; he was just Hispanic. And even if he was a Communist, why would anyone assume that a Communist would desire to kill President Kennedy? Killing Kennedy meant propelling Lyndon Johnson to the White House, and Johnson was much more rancorous towards Communists than Kennedy was. If Joe Molina was a Communist, he would have wanted to protect every hair on Kennedy's head. 

So why did they really want to wreak havoc on Joe Molina? I can only speculate, but what I speculate is that he must have said something that challenged the official story of the assassination. Joe Molina was in the doorway. So, did he say that he saw Oswald in the doorway? That would definitely rise to the threat level that would warrant such drastic action. So, they stormed Molina's home, much the way the Gestapo stormed the homes of Jewish families in Germany.  The only difference was: no jack boots. Now think about this:


So, it's a situation in which the FBI never questioned Oswald about Joe Molina, even though they raided Molina's house in the wee hours of the morning; and Joseph Ball, the keeper of the doorway for the WC, never questioned Molina about the doorway and the identity of Doorway Man. 

It means they never really suspected Joe Molina. They were just harassing him for the sake of harassing him. They wanted to keep him busy and send him a message, to shut the pluck up.

So, did Joe Molina say he saw Oswald was in the doorway? 

Joe Molina was fired by the TSBD. But why? He was officially vindicated. So, why'd they have to fire him? 

Remember, the people in the know knew with certainty that Molina was not involved in the plot to kill Kennedy because it was their plot, and they knew exactly how it happened. The Dallas Police were just their puppets; their marionettes. They sic-ed them on Molina because they must have considered him a threat- to their official story. 

So again, I ask: did Joe Molina say that he saw Oswald in the doorway? 

There is no record of it, but they wouldn't make a record of it. To him or to anyone who said it, they would have just said, "No, you didn't, and you better not say it again."

And Joe Molina went on to never say anything. He has never entered the JFK debate in any way, shape, or form. He is still alive, and he still lives in Dallas, long retired. He went on to get a job with the Post Office, and after rising through the ranks there, he got a cushy job with the Labor Department. He has never said a word about the JFK assassination and what he saw that day. He has never taken a stand on any aspect of the case.   

Joe: you are not going to live forever. So, before you shuffle off this mortal coil, how about telling us what you know? Don't take your secrets to the grave, Joe. Join the JFK truth movement before your time runs out. And the truth is: they can't hurt you now. 


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