Sunday, December 23, 2018

Dana Rowe
It's A Fact That When Lee Harvey Oswald Was Arrested Billy Lovelady Was Also In Custody. Why? The Warren Commission Should Be Placed In The Fiction Section Of Every Library In The United States Of America. Dana Rowe

Ralph Cinque
Thank you, Dana. You're right that Billy Lovelady was at the Dallas PD when Oswald was brought in. Lovelady was supposedly there to make a statement about what he saw. And then in the late 70s, a film emerged which supposedly showed Lovelady sitting at a desk in the squad room when Oswald was brought in. But, it's fake. I'm certain of it. And they did it only for one reason: to display Lovelady in a long-sleeved plaid shirt which he did NOT wear on 11/22/63. He actually wore a short-sleeved vertically striped shirt. And then they faked it all over again years later for a version that appeared in the History channel documentary Three Shots That Changed America. The Lovelady scam has been a dirty, sordid affair from the very beginning, and it's very likely that they killed him in 1979. They heart-attacked him out, and they have drugs that can do it. And of course, he's not the only one. You know about the long list of mysterious deaths following the JFK assassination. Such evil in our midst, but it shall all be brought to light.
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