Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Is it known what time the 3 tramps were marched across Elm Street in front of the TSBD doorway? Thank you.
Ralph Cinque: That is very controversial, Mitch. Officially, it was about 2:00. However, there is a figure in the doorway who appears to be Oswald, and if that's him, then it had to be shortly after 12:30, and I mean like 12:34.

Granted, there is a lot of distortion there, but still, there are no deal-breakers: a slender guy, with a long neck, same shape head, shoulders back, and with the right height. 
I am really convinced that that is him. And if it's not him, then there was another amazing coincidence that someone else should have looked and dressed so much like him at that company. 
So, until something else surfaces to make me think different, I am going to assume that that was Oswald, and that particular Three Tramps photo was taken shortly after the shooting. And note that Jim Marrs maintained that there were two sets of Three Tramps photos taken, one soon after the shooting, and the other at 2 PM to conform with the story they wanted to tell, that it was later.  

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