Sunday, December 23, 2018

If you haven't watched this presentation by Dr. Grover Proctor about Oswald's attempt to call intelligence agent John Hurt in North Carolina the night of Saturday November 23, then you should.

Dr. Proctor presents written and testimonial evidence that it happened, that Oswald tried to make that call through the Dallas PD switchboard. And the way Officialdom has tried to spin it is to claim, utterly falsely, that it was an incoming call, from Hurt, and that he was drunk, and he tried to call Oswald as a drunken prank. Well, if you believe that, you might as well believe that burning furniture and computers caused the WTC towers to collapse. 

But, what I really want to talk about are the implications of it. We can presume that Oswald told his captors about Hurt, that he was going to try to reach him, to get him to vouch for him. And I believe it confirms something I have suspected for a long time, that the interrogations of Oswald had reached a strange and unusual rapport. I've pointed out many times that we have video evidence that Oswald went up to James Bookhout in the hallway to continue a conversation that must have started behind closed doors. I want you to think about how rare it is for a defendant to do that, to go up to and initiate a conversation with an interrogator. What it tells me is that a very atypical rapport must have developed between Oswald and at least some of his interrogators. And if you watch this video, you'll see that there was a strange informality going on. Remember: Oswald was supposed to be a lone, mad-dog killer, right? Well, no one is acting like he was that. It's weird. It's strange. Everyone is acting like he's harmless.

Oswald underwent 13 hours of interrogation, and the things that were written down and reported about it could have been said in 2 hours, at most.  So, what was said during the rest of the time? It's anybody's guess, but I suspect Oswald talked about his intelligence connections, and nobody wrote down a word about Oswald's "fingerprints of intelligence" because they didn't want to. They didn't want to because it raised serious doubt about his guilt. 

Now, let's talk about Oswald's intelligence connections because there is far too great a tendency for JFKers to exaggerate Oswald's intelligence connections. Oswald was not an "agent" per se. He was not on salary. There are claims that Oswald was paid $200/month by the FBI, but where's the proof? $200/month was about all he made when he worked, so if he had that income plus the money he earned working, he would have been in great shape financially and not struggling. But, we know that he was struggling- all the time. I don't believe there is any truth to the story. 

Was Oswald sent to Russia as a spy for U.S. intelligence? Not really. Yes, they got him to go there. It was all part of a plan of theirs, and part of the "Oswald Project" in which he assumed the identity of Lee Harvey Oswald as a boy, precisely because he spoke Russian and could be sent to the USSR as a defector. But, what did the CIA hope to get out of Oswald's defection to Russia? Nothing important really. I think they just wanted to distract the Soviets with it. They wanted to see how the Soviets would react to it. But, there is no reason to think it involved them telling Oswald, "when you are in Russia, find out all you can about xxxxx. Spy on this. Spy on that." There is no evidence Oswald did any spying in Russia. He worked at a radio factory in Minsk, and when he wasn't working, he hung out with his friends and chased girls. That was it. He was not doing any espionage. And if he had been doing espionage, well, that's a job for which one gets paid. Consider all the back pay they would have owed him for 3 years of espionage in Russia. But, Oswald didn't get a red cent. He even had to pay back the money he borrowed from the State Department to pay for transportation to get him and Marina back here. 

So, Oswald was really more of an intelligence buff than an intelligence agent. He was not on the payroll. He was not given any specific assignments in Russia.  He was probably there mostly as a decoy. And since he didn't do anything important, he reportedly underwent only two short "debriefings" when he got back, and with the FBI, not the CIA. When did he report to the CIA? Reportedly, never. Dr. Proctor reported sightings of Oswald with David Atlee Phillips and others, but he can't claim to know that that was the real Oswald of fame. That could very easily have been and probably was the other Oswald, the one who was actually born in New Orleans, as per John Armstrong. As far as "sightings" go, I will remind that this is the JFK assassination we are talking about, the most lied-about event in the history of Man.  Look at the lies about Jack Ruby, that he was a gun-runner, a Mafioso, an aide to Richard Nixon, a hit man, a pimp, etc., with sightings galore. I put very little stock in lip-flapping, especially in this case. 

It's very unlikely that Oswald had any recent contact with John Hurt, especially since Hurt was more a former intelligence agent than a current one. His health was poor. He had severe psoriatic arthritis, and believe me, you don't want to get that. I know from my own experience with sufferers that it's bad. His case was so bad that he had to have fingers amputated. Plus, he had mental problems too. He was debilitated. Dr. Proctor suggested that Hurt may have been Oswald's "cut-out." He explained that it was common for operatives, if they got in trouble, to have a contact person called a "cut-out" who was basically just a middle man who would pass messages along to those who were really managing the operative. So, Hurt may have been Oswald's "cut-out." However, we should think about the fact that Oswald knew his number from memory. Most of us memorize phone numbers by calling them repeatedly. But, since it's highly unlikely that Oswald was calling John Hurt repeatedly, it may have been a number he made a point to memorize, like an emergency number. 

But, the most important thing about all this, to me, is that Oswald must have been saying a lot more to his interrogators than has ever been revealed, including things that must have been extremely exonerating. And the result of it was that weird Saturday evening video capture in which all the air of "double murderer" had been let out of the balloon, and you'd think Oswald had been brought in because of a delinquent parking ticket. Nobody but nobody was acting like there was a double murderer in their midst.  You've got Oswald stopping to gab with a guy, and he even seems to be smiling. Does that look like a smile to you? 

And it reinforces what I have long believed, that it must have reached the point where they told Oswald, "OK, Lee. We believe you. Now, we have to get you out of this by faking your death." And the next morning, they used him to take iconic photos of him being shot by "Jack Ruby". Then, they replaced him with someone else in the theatrical performance on national television. But, Oswald is the one they shot, off-camera, and they never did show us what he looked like when he arrived at Parkland Hospital, and probably because of how bad he looked. All the images of Oswald at Parkland Hospital are fakes. The Machiavellian twists in this case are truly breathtaking, in scope and number, as is the magnitude of the evil.  


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