Saturday, December 8, 2018

Juliette de la Bretoniere wrote this as a hypothetical exchange that could have taken place:

Officer: What’s your name, Sir?
Molina: My name is Joe Molina
Officer: Where were you when the shooting took place? 
Molina: I was right outside our building watching the motorcade
Officer: Who else was there?
Molina: Well Sir, there was him, her, and him... and that new fellow, Oswald. 

Remember that Oswald wasn't arrested until 2:00, and I don't know what time his name was announced to the public, but I presume it was shortly after that. But, there were police swarming the TSBD right away. Bonnie Ray Williams said that he and James Jarman and Harold Norman were stopped and questioned by police as soon as they got downstairs from the 5th floor. That was only shortly after the shots, and it was long before Oswald's name was in the public domain, the point being that no one, at that point, would have felt inhibited about mentioning Oswald- except, of course, for those who were in on it, such as Bill Shelley. 

Remember, as I have been telling you, the TSBD was a CIA front company where school book distributing was just their cover for espionage and worse. How could they be distributing books to schools when small, hand-held orders were all they handled? There were no class-size orders of books going out of there. And we have never seen any prepared packages of books- of any size. Not a single package that was wrapped, tied, labeled, and stamped or close to it- and this despite the fact that "order-fillers" were filling orders all morning and bringing them to Troy West, their one and only "mailer." It is all very, very fishy.   .

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