Wednesday, December 19, 2018

I received this very interesting communication from OIC member Dr. Thomas Halle.

Hello, Ralph!!
Thought I might mention a few issues noted by Dr. Charles Crenshaw, after turning to his book once again.
Pres. Kennedy’s actual “time of death” was 12:52, not 1:00 p.m.

The two tubes placed in the president’s chest (which I had thought had been inserted to remove fluid, and I think mentioned in that light by other witnesses)--according to Crenshaw--were actually to provide “negative pressure” to the thoracic cavity (which suggests a collapsed lung). Perhaps from the back shot (which ACTUALLY did penetrate the chest cavity)? Or from a front shot? Or possibly, the throat shot bullet impacted the C-spine, and was deflected down to the right lung (with the autopsy prosectors reporting damage to the hilus of that lung)?
Crenshaw was very explicit about the large tangential wound on the right side of the head (with pretty much all of the brain on that side (right hemisphere) missing)(and has been good enough to insist (like many of us) that the photos of an intact rear head do NOT represent what he saw on that terrible day (in Trauma Room One)).
A forehead “plug” was observed by SS Agent Kellerman (though the side was not specified).
There has been a rumor that Father Huber who performed “last rites” on JFK provided only a limited remission of sins. Apparently this was merely an ugly rumor: Crenshaw’s report specifically mentions Huber’s words, which contain the word “plenary,” meaning the remission was COMPLETE, not partial.
A medical student who happened to be outside the emergency entrance—Avalea Glanges--very definitely observed a “through and through” hole in the windshield, just before a SS agent drove the automobile away, in great haste.

Yes, the neck would was DEFINITELY an entry wound.

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