Saturday, December 15, 2018

Now I can prove to you that Jack Ruby's hair was doctored to make him seem like he had more hair than he did. This is one of the most widely circulated images of him from 11/24 after his arrest. 

Whoever was wielding the paint brush (and that's how they did it in those days) got carried away. He's got hair sticking out way beyond Ruby's head. Unless, it's a doctored film frame that got distorted. But, one thing is for sure: Ruby's hair wasn't like that, and he did not have as much hair as that. He did not have nearly as much hair as that. Here he is in 1960.

So, that's 1960, and here's 1963:
1960 again: and note how weird it looks. If he really had a tuft of hair in front like that, why would he wear it so short? Furthermore, that is NOT how men go bald. It ix extremely unusual for a man to retain a tuft of hair right in front with so much baldness behind. Baldness tends to advance the opposite way. So, this image below, and it is definitely a film frame, is probably doctored as well. 
But again: there is no chance that Ruby had hair like this:

So, why'd they do it? It's because the Garage Shooter seems to have such long, thick hair.

That's from the Jackson photo- by far, the most famous image of the Oswald shooting.  Jack Ruby didn't have hair like that, and neither did James Bookhout. Bookhout must have been wearing a toupee'. And you have to admit: it looks like one. It looks like a rug. 

But, the scary thing is that there are so many images of Ruby with his hair agencies that it shows the extent to which the U.S. Intelligence agencies controlled the media. And I have no doubt that it's much worse today. Today, the uniformity of the media is frightening- it's officialdom 24/7. The U.S. media doesn't dispute anything: not JFK, not 9/11, not global warming, not vaccinations, not anything except things like Kavanaugh. Here, the United States is still mired in a war in Afghanistan, and they don't discuss it or debate it. They don't even report on it. Apparently, the CIA must have told them, "Shut the fuck up about Afghanistan."  

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