Wednesday, December 12, 2018

David Dreyer

Why did not someone ask Billy Lovelady if it was him on the steps of the TSBD?

David, it's complicated. When Lovelady testified to the Warren Commission, Attorney Joseph Ball could have asked him, "Is that you?" pointing to Doorman, but he didn't. Instead, he played this game, telling him to draw an arrow to himself, and giving him a photo in which there already was an arrow pointing to Doorman. What, was that supposed to be a hint? We still have the photo and there is only one arrow on it, and we know that one was drawn by Buell Frazier.. So, where is the arrow that Lovelady drew? Then, after the arrow-drawing, they talked about it, but neither saying that Lovelady's arrow pointed to Doorman. It's clear that Lovelady did not say, and did not want to say, that he was Doorman. He did not start saying it until May 1964- half a year after the assassination. So, why did he start saying it then? They must have threatened him. Lovelady did not want to go along with this ruse. He did not want to lie.  He was forced to. And he wasn't even any good at lying. He had a terrible poker face. And that's why he was killed in 1979, because they couldn't risk his terrible poker face.

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