Saturday, December 1, 2018

Former President George HW Bush has died. I think it's quite apparent that mentally, he was gone already. It's highly significant to us Oswald defenders because many and perhaps most of us considered him to be the most recognizable still living participant in the JFK assassination plot.

Is there proof that he was involved? That's a matter of opinion because proof in this arena isn't as cut and dry as proof in Mathematics. But, I am satisfied that he was involved, and it's due to the aggregate of evidence, including very suggestive photographic evidence, the report that "an independent oil operator from Houston" (Bush's moniker) was arrested briefly after the assassination after he came rushing out of the Dal-Tex building, apparently looking guilty, and that reached Jim Garrison; the fact that Bush claimed he was in Tyler, and that from Tyler he called the FBI to report a threat against Kennedy that he overheard in Houston, but that turned out to be baseless, plus it is implausible that he would wait until after Kennedy was shot and killed to report a real threat. Restated: if it had any plausibility, if it was more than a fake alibi, he would have reported it BEFORE Kennedy was shot. And then when you add in years of denying that he remembered at all where he was when Kennedy got shot, it results collectively in a tapestry of guilt. 

But, I think we have to keep it in perspective. I think there were much more monstrous people involved in the JFK assassination than Bush, such as Allen Dulles, who I think really believed that ANY MEANS whatsoever to advance the Cold War agenda was acceptable and justifiable. I think J. Edgar Hoover was downright evil and considered himself above the law and didn't have a speck of goodness or compassion in him. I wouldn't say that about Bush. 

Bush may have been the last surviving planner. Who's left? There is Ruth Paine, but she wasn't a planner. She was recruited to manage Marina and to help frame Oswald. But, having said that, I don't claim to know that she had explicit knowledge of the assassination plot. We know that Ruth Paine's mother in law was best friends with Allen Dulles' mistress. And, we know her estranged husband Michael Paine worked directly under Walter Dornberger, the German Nazi rocket scientist whom Dulles brought into this country via Operation Paperclip, at Bell Helicopter,. And we know that Bell Helicopter benefited tremendously from U.S. government purchases of its attack helicopters to fight the Vietnam War, which was escalated by Johnson after Kennedy was killed. Of course, Michael Paine is already dead. 

So, who else is left besides Ruth Paine? Well, Marina Oswald is left, and she was, by far, the most damning and damaging witness to Oswald of any during the Warren Commission hearings. But, she obviously wasn't a planner either.

So, are all the planners dead? Perhaps so. 

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