Tuesday, October 22, 2019

I am honored that Dr. David Mantik asked to me participate in a survey of JFK assassination researchers concerning the medical evidence in the case. It concerned the JFK autopsy report, what the Parkland doctors said, the anatomical origin of the Harper fragment, and more. It also included questions about whether you believed that autopsy photos and x-rays were altered. He also asked if you thought the Zapruder film was altered, and more than just removing frames to hide the slowing and stopping of the vehicle. 

And it made me realize something, that Dr. Mantik and I have something in common: we both believe very strongly in image alteration in the JFK assassination. His focus has been on autopsy photos and x-rays, while mine has been on press and spectator images, and we both believe strongly in Zapruder film alteration. 

Consider how learned Dr. Mantik is. He has a PhD in medical physics. He has an MD with a specialty in Radiology, being Board-certified in both Diagnostic radiology and Therapeutic radiology. And he has taught these subjects in medical school. It is fair to say that he is uber-educated. And yet, he finds time to dispute the official story of the JFK assassination, especially the medical claims. 

But, with a guy like him on the side of the JFK truth, what chance does JFK Officialdom have? And guess what? I got to introduce Dr. Mantik to the case for Jack Ruby innocence. Sweet.   

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