Friday, October 18, 2019

I reported that Lenny Pozner was awarded $450,000 by the jury in the defamation lawsuit in which he sued for $1,000,000. And I pointed out that the Mainstream Media failed to report about the $1,000,000, even though the amount of the award was the entire basis for the trial. 

But, even though one could say that Jim "won" every bit as much as Lenny did, it's still disturbing to me that Lenny won at all. 

That's because we live in a free country in which freedom of speech is sacrosanct. 

The case centered around the issue of Noah Pozner's death certificate, which was issued by the state of Connecticut.  Jim found 5 versions of it, and most of them lack the official seal of the state of Connecticut. He has pictures of all five on his website, which you can see here:

Jim argues that it's reasonable to assume that the state of Connecticut would only issue one death certificate for Noah Pozner, and that's it unreasonable to assume that Lenny Pozner- or anyone else- could obtain a copy of a death certificate before it was certified, and therefore, if there are fraudulent death certificates, then there is a cloud of suspicion over the whole story of Noah's death. 

Note that I am not taking a position on Sandy Hook. I am just presenting the argument that Jim makes. And I don't see how anybody can fail to admit that it is unsettling that these different death certificates exist. There is enough cogency and plausibility to Jim's argument that it should not be a crime or a violation of anyone's rights that he makes it. 

And the irony is that the 5 death certificates were already floating around cyberspace. Jim didn't put them there. So, what if Jim had just pointed to the conflicting death certificates, and asked his readers to look at them and draw their own conclusions? 

So, what do you think about the existence of these 5 death certificates for Noah Pozner? I know what I think. But, I'm not going to say what I think. I should be able to say what I think without any fear of reprisals. But, I'm not going to. There are 5 different death certificates for one person. Make of it what you will. 

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