Friday, October 25, 2019

I learned that recently, Google purged about half a million videos from Youtube. either being hate-mongering, anti-Semetic, or misinformation. The first two are pretty clear-cut, but the last one, misinformation, that's in the eye of the beholder. 

Last night, we were discussing the possibility that William Colby was at the Midnight Press Conference of Oswald. There was a guy there who definitely looked like him. The Wizard did an overlay that is very striking. He sent it around as an avi file which I can't put up here. If he ever makes a gif out of it, I'll put it up.

But, I have long believed that William Colby was murdered. I'm not claiming that it had anything to do with the JFK assassination. Colby went on to become CIA Chief until he was fired by Gerald Ford at the behest of Henry Kissinger. 

I located a Youtube video about Colby having been murdered, but this is what I found when I sent to it:

They're saying that the whole account of the make of it was terminated. So, I'm thinking they probably terminated it over something else.  At least, I hope that's the case because believing that Colby was murdered does not make you a hatemonger, an anti-Semite, and if you're going to say it's misinformation, then it means there is no freedom of thought and expression. 

But, the circumstances were that Colby went to his country home on Wicimico River in Maryland to spend a solo weekend of boating and yard work and relaxing. After going boating, he came back and was watering trees and such. Then, he had a rather long ineraction with a neighbor. Then he called his wife. Then he fixed his dinner, some fish, I think. And he had told his wife that he was going to eat and then go to bed.  But supposedly, he decided around 9 PM, well after dark, that he was going to go back out on the river in the canoe. 

Well, I'm not buying that. Are you? Why would he do such a thing? Nobody would. He told his wife that he was tired and was going to go to bed. 

Colby's son Carl made a film in which he claimed that Colby committed suicide. But, all others in the Colby family, including Colby's wife who was Carl's stepmother, say that Carl is full of it. Carl thinks his father was racked with guilt for the things he did and had done in Vietnam. Well, everything the United States did in Vietnam should have provoked guilt in everyone who was involved. The whole war was an atrocity. But, this was 1996, and the Vietnam War ended for the U.S. in 1973. So no, I am not buying that at all. I think he was murdered. He was set to testify to Congress again soon, and it was his Congressional testimony in 1975 that led to Ford firing him as CIA Chief. 

The coroner said that Colby died of a heart attack, but his body was in the water for 9 days before it was found. So, I'd like to know what the medical evidence was for him having a heart attack. 

And I notice that there is a lot of speculation that Colby was murdered. Not as much as that Jeffrey Epstein was murdered, but that may top the list of suspected murders that were reported as suicides. 

But, the bottom line is that there is absolutely nothing about the circumstances that suggests suicide, and it is incongruous that he would go out canoeing in the dark. 

Have you noticed that the whole Jeffrey Epstein case has fallen off the edge of the Earth? Colby's case got sewed up pretty fast too. I think they were both murdered. 

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