Sunday, October 6, 2019

This is a close-up, and when I start on the right, looking at Uma Thurmond and seeing the clean lines of her sleeve and the normal and expected shape of her hand, and then switch to that monstrosity on the left from the Jackson photo, the bizarre shape of Oswald's hand, and the obvious double cuff that meets where they pinch together, resulting in a weird, impossible shape for the whole freak hand, whose thumb is completely out of alignment and proportion with the fingers... I am left wondering: "How did that thing ever  win the Pulitzer Prize?"

So, I have sent the following letter to the Pulitzer Prize Committee. I figure it can't hurt.

To: Pulitzer Prize Administrators

From: Ralph C. Cinque

Re: Jackson photo

In 1964, the Robert Jackson photo of Lee Harvey Oswald being shot in the basement of the Dallas Police Department was awarded the Pulitzer Prize, and I respectfully request that you review that decision and retract it. 

I am JFK assassination researcher, and I have been studying the Jackson photo, in detail, for a very long time. And I can tell you, without a smidgen of doubt, that it is an altered photo, a corrupt, manipulated, falsified image, where especially the hand of Oswald, slapped to his chest, is a complete fabrication. He did not do that. Nobody ever reported that he did it. It does not occur in any other photo or in any of the films. And perhaps most important, a man who was catastrophically and fatally shot in his abdomen, where his major blood vessels, including his abdominal aorta, his inferior vena cava, and his superior mesenteric artery, were severed, would not be capable of doing anything except collapse. 

I have done many comparisons between the Jackson photo and other photos that are unquestionably real of persons who were configured the same way, with their left arm slapped to their chest, and the resulting look of the hand is nothing like what we see in the Jackson photo. One such analysis can be found here: 

Far from being good photographic journalism, the Jackson photo was and is an obstruction of justice. It is a photographic lie. 

It would be a very brave decision on your part if you, after all these years, were to retract the Pulitzer Prize that was given to Robert Jackson. Let him keep the thousand dollars. I don't care about that. But, you should withdraw your endorsement of what is obviously a fraudulent image intended to deceive. 

And I will tell you what I have told countless others, that if you have any doubt that what I am saying is true, then get out a camera and pose a subject and start clicking. Try to duplicate it. And I don't mean the general idea but the exact result that we see.  No matter what you do, you are going to wind up with something that looks normal and explainable and not anything like that freak hand we see in the Jackson photo, which is actually a compilation of two hands. Simply put: it's fake. 

You can't be giving awards to fake photos. Can you? 

I can provide much more in the way of comparative analysis- if you're interested. But, it depends on what is more important to you: the truth or political correctness. 

But, if you've read this far, I thank you for that, and I shall hope for the best. 


Ralph C. Cinque 

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