Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A huge find today by Richard Hooke: a Dallas PD letter concerning an altercation on Elm Street involving Billy Lovelady and a guy named Beckman. The date was April 10, 1964, so three days after Lovelady's interrogation by Joseph Ball. 

So, Beckman claimed to have been hired by Clay Felkner of New York City to photograph Lovelady. Remember that it was right at that time that multiple photographers had been commissioned to try to capture an image of Lovelady. Fortunately, the one commissioned by Mark Lane succeeded:

So, the fact is that lots of people thought that the Man in the Doorway was Oswald- despite official pronouncements to the contrary. And notice the reference to Marguerite Oswald. 

As you know, I don't think that that old woman, who looked about 70, was the biological mother of 24 year old Lee Harvey Oswald.

 But, I don't doubt that she raised him and acted like his mother. So, who better than his mother to pick him out in a picture? 

People from all over realized that Oswald was the Man in the Doorway, and that included the people who said so and a whole lot of people who didn't- for fear of their lives. It has truly reached the point that denying it any more is just plain ludicrous. It's Oswald. It's Oswald. It's Oswald.  

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