Thursday, February 27, 2014

Backes refuses to explain how the Towner Woman is holding that baby. He knows she's not using her left arm because she is waving at the President with it. And, he can hardly say she's using her right arm because there is no sign of it in the picture. How could her right arm be going around that baby without us seeing it? 

In fact, there is a contradiction in the picture because we know her "halo" corresponds to her flicking left hand, yet there is no sign of her left arm going up. In fact, it seems like her left arm is going down and reaching over to grasp the baby, although it can't be.  

Doesn't it look like her left shoulder is visible in a way that corresponds to her left arm coming down? And why don't we see her left arm going up, something like this? 

That is, supposedly, what is happening, so why don't we see it? But look at it again larger because you really get the sense that neither arm is supporting that baby:

Wouldn't an honest researcher be concerned about this? Why doesn't it concern Joseph Backes? When you see an incongruity in a photo, you question the authenticity of the photo. And that's especially true in the JFK assassination because faking and lying and fabricating is what the whole thing was about. Backes thinks they faked a bus ride and a cab ride for Oswald, but he doesn't think they messed with any of the images. None! They're all pure as the driven snow to Joseph Backes, and he'll defend them to the end.

The Towner Woman and Baby are fake. They were added to the film. And there is no doubt about it.    

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