Friday, February 28, 2014

I have never known any field of endeavor with such prevalence of the use of aliases as JFK assassination research. There is a "Vincent Bugliosi" who is active right now on McAdams' forum, but I don't know if he is the Vincent Bugliosi of fame or not. 

He said that Doorman is a perfect match to Lovelady, and I told him he had to submit the image of Lovelady he was referring to. He did. And what he submitted was the 1967 image of Lovelady which was taken for the 4 hour CBS JFK Special.

However, it wasn't used in the special. In fact, in the whole 4 hours, they never even mentioned the controversy surrounding Doorman and Oswald and Lovelady. They pulled the plug on the whole thing. They bailed. Somebody must have wisely realized that there was more to lose than to gain by going into this. 

But, the CBS picture of Lovelady posing in the doorway as Doorman persists. And that's the one that Bugliosi thinks matches Doorman. 

We should first note that Bugliosi had images of Lovelady from November 22, 1963 that he could have picked. So, why didn't he use one of them? Doesn't it make more sense to use such an image? After all, Doorman was photographed on November 22, 1963, and he was either Lee Harvey Oswald on November 22, 1963 OR he was Billy Lovelady on November 22, 1963. People change over time and throughout life, don't they? So, why not use an image of the man from the same day? Is there any excuse not to? 

So, why didn't Bugliosi use an image from 11/22/63? Simply put, he likes this other one better; he thinks it makes a better match. But remember that the picture was taken with planning, with intention; it wasn't a spontaneous picture. It was taken to SELL the idea that he was Doorman. Wouldn't a spontaneous picture from that day have been much more genuine to the honest broker? Of course. 

But, let's look at Bugliosi's choice anyway.

Bugliosi said that Lovelady matches Doorman perfectly, but it's not true. Lovelady's shirt is plaid, but Doorman's is not. His has no horizontal and vertical lines crossing and forming boxes. Not one box! So, the shirt pattern is a disconnect. And Doorman's t-shirt is notched whereas Lovelady's is round. So, neither the shirts nor the t-shirts match between Doorman and Lovelady. However, the clothing match is perfect between Oswald and Doorman: the look, the lay, the fit, and the hang of the outer shirts match, and so do the notched t-shirts. We don't see the vague splotchyness on Oswald's shirt that we see on Doorman's, but on Doorman, it's simply due to light reflection plus some haze and distortion. That's all it is. Oswald wins the clothing comparison by a country mile. 

And note also that the shirt construction, including the size of the open sprawl, matches between Oswald and Doorman, while the sprawl on Lovelady is smaller and looks staged, like it's just something he did to acquire the Doorman look. Do you really think Lovelady primped himself like that on 11/22/63?

OK, so the clothes definitely go to Oswald. What about the bodies? Here we have to note that Lovelady lost quite a lot of weight after the assassination. The FBI weighed him on Feb 29, 1964 and found him to be 170 pounds. He doesn't look that heavy in the picture here. Oswald at the time of the assassination was taller than Lovelady and weighed only 131 pounds. So, he was a lot thinner. We're talking of about a Laurel and Hardy difference. 

Therefore, the use of this latter day Lovelady who had slimmed down considerably in 4 years is not a fair comparison. It only matters how much Lovelady weighed in 1963, not in 1967. So, you don't get to go with that, Vince. You are going to have to pick a picture from 11/22/63.

What about the faces? 

From above the eyes to the top of the head, Doorman is Lovelady, but from the eyes downward he is Oswald. It's Oswald's square chin, Oswald's ear, and Oswald's nose. But, it's Lovelady's forehead, hairline and top of his head. They moved Lovelady's "cap" over. And of course, they didn't have that picture; they worked off this one:

So, in the final analysis, Bugliosi picked one of the better pictures to use, which took advantage of Lovelady's substantial weight loss after the assassination. But just think: CBS still decided to table it. They, apparently, didn't have as much confidence in it as Vince. And to say that the 1967 CBS image of Lovelady- a contrived image- is a perfect match to Doorman is just plain false. Overall, Oswald still makes a decidedly better match. And as soon as you realize that Doorman's image was falsified by the transference of Lovelady's "cap" to Doorman, then the ruse is up completely.  

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