Thursday, February 27, 2014

Yes, this letter concerning Lovelady's altercation is a find. It shows that 5 months later, there was still avid interest in him and capturing a picture of him. Why? It's because people thought the government was lying in saying that he was Doorman. And they thought that because Doorman looks too much like Oswald to be anyone else but Oswald. He's even dressed like Oswald. 

Why did Lovelady get so mad? Hey, I was in the same situation. We were making quite a scene in Dealey Plaza with our Altgens reenactment. The tourists seemed quite fascinated, like it was a media event. It was a bit of a spectacle. And without even asking me, some woman came up and took my picture. I didn't care. Maybe she was CIA, but I still don't care. I'm sure they know what I look like. I'm sure they've got a big file on me. But, in Lovelady's case, he got pissed off, and it was because it had happened before and repeatedly, and he was sick of it. Plus, he knew he wasn't Doorman. 

Apparently, there was quite a stir about the Doorman issue back then, although it eventually died down. But now it's back and with a vengeance. And it is NEVER going to be sidelined again. It's back for good, and it is going to lead the way to JFK truth. Stop the lies! Oswald outside! 

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