Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Here is the version of CE 369 that bpete uses on his site. The underline in red is his doing.

And then when we crop it down to the doorway, we get this:

That is one arrow, and there is no disconnect. Again, there is the sideways 7 which looks like it was drawn in one stroke. And then the lower arm of the arrow, which I call the right arm, was drawn separately, and it has quite a bend in it. But, it's all one arrow. It is totally unjustified to assume that it's two. It's unjustified on the basis of what we see and what we know of human nature. In a situation like this- and especially in a situation like this with the great importance that it had- the need for precision and clarity would have been recognized and observed. No way would anybody sneak his arrow in with the other guy's. That would be deliberately hiding the arrow. Odds are great that if Lovelady had wanted to draw his arrow to Doorman, he'd have done it like this:

Remember that Ball instructed Lovelady to draw it in the dark. I drew it in grey, but that was just to make it easier to see. 

Why did Joseph Ball tell Lovelady to draw it in the black with a black marker, knowing that that would obscure it? It's because he wanted to obscure it. I don't see how there can be any doubt about that. 

The big question is: when Lovelady drew his little arrow to Black Hole Man to indicate himself, he drew it in the black enclosure of BH Man's arms, but was the tail overlapping the flesh-colored forearm really an accident? Or did he deliberately leave a tell-tale sign that so that his mark on the photo would be detectable? Or was it more a subliminal thing where he didn't decide consciously to do it, but something deep inside compelled him to leave a visible mark? I don't know, and we may never know.   

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