Tuesday, February 25, 2014

bpete: How can you begin to assume that you can tell the age of the child on the left and the blur on the right? 

Could anyone be that stupid? At least, bpete admitted that the Altgens Boy is a "child" and not a baby. But on the right, regardless of the blur, we can assign a very young age to the figure, and in the vicinity of one year old, and that's from its size, its form, its formlessness, its lack of development, its utter passivity and lack of tone. In fact, it doesn't even look human. You see nothing to confirm that it is a human being. It's just two blobs: one orange and one white. They were added to the film to invent a baby. And there is absolutely no way the young'un on the right could be the young'un on the left. It is insane to even suggest it.   

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