Friday, February 28, 2014

So far, on McAdams' forum, 22 people have viewed my announcement about bpete's great discovery of finding Lovelady's arrow, but nobody has commented. I thought at least Robin Unger or O'Blase' or maybe Klip-Klop would have voiced their support. Maybe they still will, but if they had to mull it over, what good is that? 

But, one good thing has come of it: Max Holland heard about it, and he has announced that he is undertaking a new tv special for National Geographic called "The Lost Arrow".  Can you believe it? I hope not because I'm just kidding.  

But one nice thing that has happened for real is that if you do a Google search about "Lovelady's arrow on CE 369" you get taken to MY discovery of Lovelady's arrow, the tail of which can be seen on the forearm of Black Hole Man.  

There is no rational basis to assume that that discreet mark was an accidental artifact or an unintended swipe. It looks precise, and it looks deliberate. It's neat; it's tidy; it's clear. It does not look like noise. 

Notice how the angle of it is the same as Frazier's. Lovelady was probably influenced by Frazier. But in addition, the angle of the forearm also encouraged the angle of the arrow. Can you see that the line is perpendicular to the forearm? It's only natural to do it that way. 

But, it makes no sense to think that what we see on the left are two arrows. It's about communication, and why would they try to mis-communicate? It would be like they went out of their way to deceive people and cover up something that they or at least Joseph Ball was happy about. Really, bpete's idea is as birdbrained as a Wee Cock Sparrow. 

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