Thursday, October 30, 2014

Here is an interesting exchange between me and Mark Florio on McAdams' forum. 

Mark Florio: Wow, Ralph, now you believe in "multiple Lovelady impostors?" That's a  first isn't it? You want to explain to us how not one employee of the TSBD  noticed that?  I'll say one thing for you.  You never cease to amaze.  

Ralph Cinque: There were no Lovelady impostors at the TSBD. I am referring to figures that were put into various films: the second Doorman in the Wiegman film was implanted- not in the doorway but in the film. The Lovelady milling 
around outside the TSBD after the assassination in the Martin and Hughes 
films was implanted in each film. 

Look, Lovelady told us himself that he left immediately for the railroad tracks. He was gone from the entrance BEFORE BAKER REACHED THE STEPS which he saw from a distance. He said he was 20-25 steps away. And then he went around to the back to re-enter. So, how could he be milling around in front at the same time? The Loveladys in the squad room were faked too. And I say Loveladys because there are two versions using wholly dissimilar Lovelady figures, with different faces, different builds, different hair, and different shirt arrangements, one splayed open and the other not. 

After Harold Weisberg started making a stink about Lovelady having worn a 
short-sleeved plaid shirt and having said so, and the FBI having 
acknowledged it, the FBI went into the movie business to produce visible 
evidence of Lovelady in a plaid shirt. He didn't wear a plaid shirt. He 
wore a short-sleeved striped shirt. Harold Weisberg was right about 

Florio, it takes an open and keen mind to analyze the evidence and 
recognize what they did. It was a very big deal. As I said, they actually 
went into the movie business. 

And you are uninformed. The citing of Lovelady impostors in the various 
films has been on the OIC website since we began in 2012. You never cease 
to disappoint.

Mark FlorioLadies and Gentlemen, I submit, for your consideration, the above post, as to why we should all succumb to the overwhelming commonsense of the OIC.   If we don't our brains too will perform like they are on fried eggs. Oh wait, that's not right, but there was something from the Eighties about 
brains and drugs and eggs. Or was it the Nineties? Oh what the hell let's 
ask Ralph.

Ralph Cinque: Florio, you think it's a wild idea that there could have been multiple Lovelady impostors put into the films? You think it's so preposterous that the very idea of it speaks for itself, that it's from the Twilight Zone? 

But, that's only because you are biased. You're so certain that such a thing could never be done or even contemplated in the good ol' USA. 

But, here are the facts: There was NO mention and NO recognition of Lovelady in any film until 1966. That's 3 years after the assassination. It was 1966, and Harold Weisberg was screaming blood murder over the fact that Lovelady told the FBI that he wore a short-sleeved striped shirt, and they even photographed him in it- unbuttoned like Doorway Man. Why would they photograph him that way unless it was the same shirt? Weisberg covered it extensively in Photographic Whitewash which came out in 1966. 

And it was only after that that the first recognition of a film of Lovelady milling around in front of the TSBD after the assassination first surfaced, in the so-called Martin film. The VERY first reference to it, according to Weisberg, occurred in a debate on television, in which he was debating two other guys, and one of them brought it up and brought it out. That was in 1966.

How could 3 years go by with nobody noticing Lovelady outside the TSBD in a film taken just scant minutes after the assassination? And how could it be real when Lovelady said he left the entrance immediately, before Baker even reached the steps? And Lovelady never returned to the front; he went around to the back to re-enter, and therefore, there was NO CHANCE that he was milling around out in front at that time. 

And how come Lovelady was never asked about it? How come he never made a statement about it? The only statements he made contradicted it. And how come the Lovelady figure doesn't look like Lovelady and has grossly different anatomical features than Lovelady? 

And if Lovelady saw Oswald at the Dallas PD, how come he didn't say so? How come when Joseph Ball asked him if he ever saw Oswald again THAT DAY after they broke for lunch, Lovelady said, "NO." It was a media circus, so how could he forget? The most famous and notorious assassin in the history of assassins is led by him in a crowded room with camera lights flashing incessantly, and police and reporters crowded like sardines in a can, where he is perched in the very center of it, and he doesn't remember????? And how could he not tell his wife? She was much more vocal and much more defensive about it than he was, but she never once said: "You only have to look at the Dallas PD footage to see my Billy in a plaid shirt." Never said it. Never happened.

Today, in the CT community, at least half of the researchers believe that the Zapruder film was altered. And there are some mighty big names who advocate for it, such as Doug Horne and David Mantik. 

But, what I say to them and others is: think about it. If they had the mindset to alter the Zapruder film, it means they had the mindset to alter EVERY film. They all fell into government hands. They had the means, the motive, and the opportunity to alter every single one of them, as needed. It is insane to think that they would have altered one and then quit. 

Of course, Dr. Mantik is big on pointing to the alterations in the autopsy photos and x-rays. Altgens photo alteration is widely recognized. Are you seeing a pattern here? There was a frenzy of image alteration in the aftermath of the JFK assassination making it, in all probability, the most photographically altered event in the history of the world. And that is certainly true for 1-day events.

So, Florio, if you are incensed at the idea that there were multiple films altered with phony images of a Lovelady impostor wearing a plaid shirt, get over it. Because, that is what happened. They actually did it. 

These are all supposed to be Lovelady on 11/22.  None of them were really him. And most of them, weren't even there. The ones at the upper right and upper left were Oswald, so they are real. But, all the others were Lovelady impostors who were not only not Lovelady, they weren't even there. It was just something done to the film, a photographic trick. 


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